Cruise Laws

Cruise Laws
International Cruise Industry Laws

Court Case Filings Involving Cruise Lines - Court Cases Affecting Cruise Industry

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Cruise Laws

International Cruise Industry Regulations and Laws - Court Case Filings Involving Cruise Lines - Court Cases Affecting Cruise Industry

Cruise Laws International

SOLAS - International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended (SOLAS 1974)
  • Safety Of Life At Sea - SOLAS Regulation
  • List of SOLAS Signatory Nations
  • Cruise Laws In Asia

    Cruise Industry Laws In Japan
  • Japan Special Taxation Climate Change Carbon Tax
  • Measures Against Acts Of Piracy Laws

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Singapore
  • Merchant Shipping Act 1995

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Thailand
  • Thailand Cruise Laws BE 2481
  • Cruise Laws In Australia

    Cruise Industry Laws In Australia
  • Australia Marine Safety Domestic Commercial Vessel National Law Act 2012
  • Australia National Standard for Commercial Vessels Part B
  • Australia National Standard for Commercial Vessels Part C
  • Australia National Standard for Commercial Vessels Part D
  • Australia Shipping Registration Act 1981
  • Sydney Australia Cruise Ship Passenger Alcohol Regulations
  • New South Wales Managing Passengers and Alcohol

  • Cruise Laws In Canada

    Cruise Industry Laws In Canada
  • Canada Coasting Trade Act
  • Canada Guidelines Operation Passenger Vessels Canadian Arctic
  • Canada Marine Liability Act
  • Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act
  • Canada Shipping Act 2001
  • Canada Vessel Pollution and Dangerous Chemicals Regulations
  • Canada Marine Transportation Security Act 1994
  • Canada-USA Integrated Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement

  • Cruise Laws In The Caribbean

    Cruise Industry Laws In Antigua and Barbuda
  • Cruise Passenger Tax Antigua and Barbuda

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Bahamas
  • Passenger Tax Act 2006

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Belize
  • Merchant Ship Vessel Taxes

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Bermuda - Ships In Port or Bermuda Flagged
  • Bermuda Boats Speed Limits
  • Bermuda Cruise_Ship Casinos_Act_2013
  • Bermuda Dangerous Vessels Act
  • Bermuda Dockyard Port Regulations
  • Bermuda Fatal Injuries (Actions For Damages) Act
  • Bermuda Passenger Cabin Tax
  • Bermuda Passenger Departure Tax
  • Bermuda Marine Ports Authority Port Dues Regulations
  • Bermuda Hamilton Port Dues Ordinance 2013
  • Bermuda Merchant Shipping Fee Regulations
  • Bermuda Merchant Shipping Formal Investigations-Inquiries Rules
  • Bermuda Quarantine Maritime Regulations
  • Bermuda St. Georges Port Dues 2013
  • Bermuda Worker's Compensation Act
  • Cruise Industry Laws In British Virgin Islands
  • British Virgin Islands Port Authority Act 1990

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Cayman Islands
  • Merchant Shipping Law Revised 2011

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Jamaica
  • Maritime Areas Act
  • Travel Tax Act

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Montserrat
  • Cruise Ships Tax Act 1994

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Panama
  • Panama Merchant Marine Panamanian Flagged Vessels

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Virgin Islands
  • Merchant Shipping Act 2001

  • Cruise Laws In Europe

    Cruise Industry Laws In Croatia
  • Rights Of Passengers Carried By Sea In The Case Of Accidents
  • Sojourn Tax Act 2008 Tourist Board Tax Revenue

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Cyprus
  • Taxation Of Ship Management

  • Cruise Industry Laws In European Union
  • European Communities Merchant Shipping Working Time 2014

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Ireland
  • Ireland Vessel Tonnage Tax

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Finland
  • Safety of Certain Passenger Vessels Engaged on Domestic Voyages
  • Merchant_Shipping_Fairway_Dues_Act 2005, 2008
  • Sale Of Goods Onboard Vessels Value Added Tax

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Norway
  • Norway Seamans Act Of 1975
  • Norway Ship Safety and Security Act 2007

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Russia
  • Merchant Marine Code of the Russian Federation 1999
  • Compulsory Regulations at Sea Port Kavkaz

  • Cruise Industry Laws In Spain
  • Barcelona Port Authority Passenger Tax
  • Castellon Port Authority Passenger Tax

  • Cruise Industry Laws In United Kingdom
  • Merchant Shipping Local Passenger Vessels Crew Regulations
  • UK Merchant Shipping Act 1995

  • Cruise Laws In India

    Cruise Industry Laws In India
  • India Merchant Shipping Act of1958

  • Cruise Laws In South America & Africa

    Cruise Industry Laws In South Africa
  • South Africa Merchant Shipping Act 1951

  • Cruise Laws In United States

    2014 - 113th Congress Proposed Maritime Laws
  • Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act - HR4005
  • Commercial Vessel Discharges Reform Act of 2013 - HR3464
  • Cruise Vessel Consumer Confidence Act - HR3475
  • Cruise Passenger Protection Act - S1340
  • Cruise Passenger Protection Act - HR2800
  • Seafarers Educational Advancement Act - HR4468
  • Vessel Incidental Discharge Act - S2094

  • Cruise Industry Laws In United States - Federal
  • Clean Vessel Act Grant Program 1992
  • Code Of Federal Regulations Title 46- Shipping
  • Cruise_Vessel_Security_Safety_Act_2010
  • Cuban Democracy Act Sanctions On Travel
  • EPA Cruise Ship Discharge Assessment Report December 2008
  • Excise Tax On Transportation By Water Title 26
  • Merchant Marine Act of 1920 - Jones Act Merchant Marine Act of 1920
  • Passenger Vessel Excise Tax On Transportation By Water
  • Passenger Vessel Financial Responsibility Title 46 Part 540
  • Passenger Vessel Security Act 2002
  • Passenger Vessels Exempt From Tonnaqe Tax Treaty
  • United States Coast Guard Homeland Security Navigation Rules
  • United States Government Accountability Office Report December 2013
  • Vessels In Foreign and Domestic Trades Tonnage Tax Title 19 Part 4

  • Cruise Industry Laws In United States - By State
  • Alaska - Alaska Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax
  • Alaska - Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax
  • Florida - Florida Pollutant Diesel Importation Tax
  • Florida - Supreme Court Ruling Cruise Ship Doctor Malpractice
  • California - Port of Los Angeles - Vessel Discharge Rules
  • Maryland - Water Vessel Alcoholic Beverage Law
  • Michigan - Rules-Vessels Carrying Passengers for Hire

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